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Our physicians

In the cardiac surgery department, patient care is provided by a so-called medical team system. This means that during their entire stay in our hospital, and irrespective of the ward, patients are always attended to by the same physicians.

Each team of doctors is assisted by a medical assistant. Medical assistants are specifically trained skilled nurses with many years of experience, who relieve our doctors from the tasks of documentation and organisation. The medical team system allows for the maximum continuity of patient care.

Medical Director of Cardiac Surgery

Prof. Dr. med. Henning Warnecke

Assistant Medical Director of Cardiac Surgery

Drs. Rudolf-Jan-Willem Coppoolse
Dr. med Steffen Hofmann
Dr. med. Wolfgang Rees

Senior Physicians of Cardiac Surgery

Dr. med. Jürgen Ackemann
Hr. Khaled Awad
Dr. med. Maria Brunn
Hr. Abbas Ferdosi
Hr. Andre Glaser
Dr. med. Frank Franke
Dr. med. Michael Billion
Dr. med. Geza Horvath
Hr. Dariusz Jozwicki
Dr. med. Mohammad Ali Manoutcheri
Dr. med. Nadja Mayer-Wingert
Dr. (IN) Mahesh Muniputtana
Hr. Abazar Ostowar
PD Dr. med. Jochen Pöling
Mathias Remling
Hr. Stephan Rittel
Dr. med. Frank Ritter
Dr. med. Sebastian Schulte Eistrup
Dr. med. Chourok Stabel-Mahassine
Dr. med. Virgilijus Ziaukas