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Central sterilisation management department

Primarily due to high purchase costs resulting from the current legal situation since the beginning of 2005, many hospitals and practicing physicians (also dentists) are not in a position to reprocess their medical devices according to the DIN standard requirements of the German Institute for Standardization. Does this affect you, too? Recognizing this problem the team of the central sterilisation management department / Schüchtermann-Klinik has devised a concept to bridge this gap.

ZSVA, central sterilisation management department

A team of 9 qualified employees working with the most advanced machinery according to strictly standardized operating procedures and an efficient quality management ensure top quality in the reprocessing of medical devices and thus safety for the patients. Internal computer-aided EDP systems in the ZSVA record, monitor and document every single operation and every automated sequence including batch numbers, program parameters, employee identifications, expiration dates and storage conditions for each individual medical device.

And the currently relevant MRSA issue receives the attention it deserves. Just as in regular everyday operation our employees protect the patients, the handling staff and themselves by applying standardized preventive measures in the procedures.

The team participates in selected workshops and advanced training sessions at regular intervals. In so doing they will always remain competent and up to date and keep up with the latest state of technology.

The sterilization

  • Sterilisation via plasma (H2O2 agent) preserves thermo-labile plastic materials and guarantees a much longer service life owing to 0% fatigue of material.
  • Especially for the reprocessing of endoscopic instruments we dispose of a cleaning and disinfection unit (German abbreviation: RDG). On our premises nothing is reprocessed by hand!
  • Annual validations according to a standardized procedure provide that the legal requirements are observed and moreover ensure that the program parameters can be reproduced at any time.

The steam sterilisers controlled by Windows/Java are the most sophisticated of their type series and provide a graphical display of each batch in the form of process curves and tables – in real time!

Regular batch check for automatic washers (according to the DIN 15883 standard).

We are looking forward to hearing from you and we will gladly prepare an individual offer for you.