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Das sagen unsere Patienten:

  • Das Personal ist nett und sehr aufmerksam. Das Essen war zu gut.
  • Im Speisesaal eine gute Stimmung und nette Bedienung. Am Empfang sowieso nur nette Mitarbeiter.
  • Das Essen ist vorzüglich. Keine Selbstverständlichkeit für eine Großküche.
  • Ich wüsste nicht, was hier im Krankenhaus und in der Reha noch zu verbessern wäre!
  • Nur freundliches Personal: von der Putzfrau bis zum Chef alle hilfsbereit. Leider war ich nur drei Wochen hier!
  • Ich muss die gute Betreuung auf der Intensivstation loben: Vielen Dank dafür!
  • Das Personal geht auf alle Sorgen und Nöte immer überaus freundlich und in meinen Augen sehr kompetent ein.
  • Ich hatte keine Angst, fühlte mich sicher und in Ihrem Haus sehr gut aufgehoben.
  • Ich möchte mich ganz herzlich bedanken. Ohne Ihre Klinik wäre ich nicht mehr am Leben.
  • Das gesamte Personal ist spitze. Die Schwestern und die Pfleger auf meiner Station 10 bekommen von mir die Note 1+.
  • Bleiben Sie so, wie Sie sind.

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Your satisfaction is our goal

Excellent medical performance combined with genuine warmth creates satisfied patients. That is why we continually ask our patients to what extent we satisfy this requirement. As a result, our patients become our partners on the road to continuous improvement, holding up the mirror to us: with which criteria are you already satisfied? And where can we still improve?

We are delighted if as a patient you take part in our surveys and assess our performance in the fields of medicine, nursing and service. Because from the findings we derive specific actions which are intended to improve the well-being of our patients.

We are pleased that the level of questionnaires returned in all clinical areas is approximately 50%. The patients express their satisfaction by giving German school grades ranging from 1 (for excellent) to 6 (for fail). The assessments of the satisfaction survey up to now show that we are on the right track, which we would like to continue with all of our energy.

Criterion Average Result in 2015
Overall impression of the specialist medical department 1,4
Overall impression of the treatment provided by physicians 1,4
Quality and extent of pre-surgical information 1,5
Overall impression of the care provided by nurses 1,4
Privacy protection 1,5

External patient surveys

German Pension Insurance

These excellent results of the internal survey are confirmed by the findings in the rehabilitation division where the quality assurance is carried out externally by the statutory pension insurance. The Schüchtermann-Klinik is one of the rehabilitation facilities where the statutory German Pension Insurance is offered the first opportunity to send patients and is therefore integrated into the rehabilitation quality assurance programme by the pension insurance.


Patient survey of the Barmer GEK, AOK and weissen Liste

Furthermore, the feedback for the acute care sector shows excellent results from the patient Survey which was implemented of the Barmer GEK and AOK in cooperation with Weisse Liste. Between 2011 and 2014 they have been asking the people it insures about their hospital stays in respect of how satisfied they were with the clinic. The results for the Schüchtermann-Klinik in this patient Survey are above average, occupying a top position among the cardiac centres in terms of patient satisfaction throughout Germany.

Patient Satisfaction
CriterionSchüchtermann-Klinik (in %)Overall result for all hospitals (in %)
Medical care8883
Nursing care8782

Those interviewed were particularly satisfied with the medical care, the care provided by the nursing staff, the organisation and service. 93 per cent would recommend our clinic to their family and friends. With this value we are also clearly above the population of the hospitals.

Focus Magazine clinic list

Last but not least, the Focus clinic list of 2015/16 confirmed that we are among the cardiac centres which are most highly appreciated among patients. In all of the criteria used, the clinic achieved very high marks and was therefore in the top group of cardiac centres.

Executive Director Dr Michael Böckelmann was extremely delighted with the excellent scores achieved by his facility, saying, "In all fields, from our reputation among fellow doctors, the medical and nursing quality to hygiene standards, we are one of the top addresses in Germany. I am particularly proud of the fact that we have been able to maintain and improve this high quality over several years".

Focus Magazine used three forms of research for its clinic list: a large-scale survey of doctors, a detailed analysis of quality reports of the clinics and a comprehensive questionnaire that was submitted to the clinics. Only the clinics most frequently recommended by other doctors had a chance of being awarded a top position in the respective speciality.

For the first time this year, the survey of the Techniker Krankenkasse on patient satisfaction was also incorporated. "The general satisfaction with our clinic was assessed by the TK members as 91%," explains Dr. Böckelmann. These surveys reveal that the patients' feelings of well-being are better than average in the Schüchtermann-Klinik. "The award of Focus Magazine is therefore an award to the excellent work of our employees!"

As you can see: providing excellent medical services "with a heart" are our motivation, which has been confirmed by many of our patients. Nevertheless, there will be no letting up, and with your help we would like to improve even further. That is why we are delighted when you actively participate in our internal or external patient surveys. In this way we are able to see things from your perspective, with the eyes of our patients, so to speak. The results are then integrated directly into our quality management system, which you can find out more about here.