The task of the Department of Anaesthesiology is to give our patients – by individual preparation and care – a safe anaesthesia and a pain-free further healing process.

Annually, this department gives about 3,800 narcoses at altogether 11 anaesthesia workplaces in the fields of cardial surgery and cardiology. Most of the narcoses are given as general anaesthesia. During heart surgery such anaesthesia is provided by means of the heart-lung machine. Thanks to modern technology and medications, general anaesthesia is today associated with only a very small risk.

Throughout the entire surgery the anaesthetist monitors all organ functions and the anaesthetic depth of the patient with the assistance of the most advanced medical equipment. A team of experienced anaesthetists ensures during every surgical intervention that the anaesthetic is adapted precisely to the physiological conditions of the patient.

Thanks to this continuous monitoring and adjustment of the anaesthesia the recovery time after anaesthesia and the period of time our patients need to stay in the intensive care unit under postoperative care are very short. Usually the patient leaves the intensive care unit already in the morning of the day following the day of surgery. This general practice helps to avoid certain complications that otherwise might be caused by any unnecessarily long periods of bed rest and artificial respiration.

Under the menu item “the Speciality Division” we inform you about our anaesthetisation processes, and about the special fields of transfusion medicine, laboratory and pain therapy.