Pain therapy

The fear of pain following surgery which bothers many patients is no longer justified today. Nowadays, medical science knows improved medication that can be more precisely dosed and controlled by modern monitoring facilities.

When selecting a clinic, a professional pain management concept can be a decisive selection criterion for patients. The overriding aim of the introduction of a pain concept is the maximum possible reduction in pain associated with minimal side effects during the entire treatment process.

Before Surgery

The pain management of the Schüchtermann-Klinik starts as early as with the admission of our patients. When meeting the physician during the admission procedure the patient will be asked about his particular pain history, and the measures of our pain therapy will be explained to the patient before surgery.Here we inquire about any existing pain syndromes and their treatment up to that time. In this way we can specify a pain management concept that is required for the particular patient and act effectively with this after the surgery without any unnecessary delay.

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After the Surgery

On the days following surgery the patient will receive an individual medicamentous pain therapy, which effectively alleviates the postoperative pain.On the basis of the previously determined pain therapy concept it is possible to prevent pain peaks and minimise side effects. If required, the medicamentous pain therapy is supplemented by non-medicamentous treatments such as physiotherapy or physical measures.

To prevent the emergence of pain in the first place, several times a day our patients are asked by the nursing staff about the level of pain they feel. The findings of these pain measurements are documented and the pain therapy is adjusted to the individual pain intensity.

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Our structured pain management system is intended to overcome our patients’ fear of severe pain after the surgery. This is to accelerate your recovery and ensure that you feel being looked after in every respect.

Specifically skilled anaesthetists are organised in an acute pain service and render active assistance to the physicians that work on the wards . The pain management of the Schüchtermann-Klinik is certified by the TÜV Initiative Schmerzfreie Klinik (“painless-hospital” initiative).

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