Fully committed to your heart – in the cardiac team

Cardiac diseases can have different causes and manifestations. Therapeutic methods therefore vary. No single treatment is always correct. Whether exclusively with medicine, with an invasive cardiological or a cardiosurgical approach: we treat each patient as an individual with their own personal requirements – as a team. The interdisciplinary communication between our specialists allows us to select and pursue the most promising and safest course of therapy for you as an individual.

As a specialist hospital for cardiovascular diseases, and with our own integrated hospital concept, we create the optimal conditions for our patients. The guiding principle behind everything we do is making patient-oriented cooperation between the different disciplines a daily reality. This is demonstrated by the fact that interdisciplinary teams are available for very special situations. This close cooperation not only helps to find the way to the right treatment, but also simultaneously ensures seamless and continuous care, from prevention through to Rehabilitation.

In the following we would like to briefly introduce our individual teams.


The interdisciplinary cardiological-cardiosurgical team discusses borderline cases in all other cardiac diseases. In daily consultations, the team decides together whether the patient should be treated cardiologically or surgically. The treatment itself is then conducted by the respective specialty department. Consulting both specialist groups ensures that a range of treatment options are considered and discussed, so that the patient receives the best possible care.

Dr. med. Steffen Hofmann

Dr. hab. med. Marek Kowalski


In its daily consultations, the interdisciplinary cardiac valve team is dedicated to patients with valvular heart disease. In the team of cardiologists, heart surgeons and other specialist disciplines (e.g. anaesthetics), joint decisions are made as to which treatment pathway is optimal for the affected patient: medication, the conventional surgical approach, or interdisciplinary. Interdisciplinary treatment is conducted by the team itself in the hybrid operating theatre. Hybrid interventions, i.e. interventions which combine a cardiac surgery operation and a cardiological intervention, have been carried out for many years at the Schüchtermann-Klinik. The establishment of a hybrid operating theatre in 2010 created the optimum framework conditions for this. These excellent personnel and infrastructural resources particularly facilitate the highly effective and safe performance of operations on aortic and mitral valves, for which a heart-lung machine is required.

Dr. med Steffen Hofmann

Dr. hab. med. Marek Kowalski


This team of cardiologists and heart surgeons is particularly concerned with patients suffering from atrial fibrillation. Together they examine the investigation results for their patients, and plan the optimal therapy. This may involve either a catheter intervention or a cardiosurgical procedure, and it is possible that both methods may be applied. If required, the operation can also take place in the hybrid operating theatre with the participation of cardiologists and heart surgeons.

Prof. Dr. med. Gerold Mönnig

Prof. Dr. med. Nicolas Doll


There is also an intense exchange of professional expertise and experience between our acute and rehabilitation medical experts. For example, our interdisciplinary team of heart surgeons and medical rehabilitation experts meets several times a week in order to be able to provide optimum care to our patients with cardiac support systems during each phase of recovery after the surgery. The ward rounds for these patients are often conducted together. Since the introduction of “artificial heart” treatment in Bad Rothenfelde, the team has developed special diagnostic and therapeutic recommendations for these patients, which have been continually adapted to current scientific knowledge and clinical practice.

Prof. Dr. med. Nils Reiss

Fr. Petra Bartsch

As you can see: we consider your continuous and high-quality care to be very important. For this purpose we think outside the box of our own specialist disciplines, developing joint solutions that serve your health in the best possible way.