We employ specialists for your heart

In the field of cardiac surgery you will encounter a few occupational profiles that you may not be acquainted with. Here we provide some information on what our cardiovascular technicians, assistant surgeons and the surgical nursing service do for you.

Cardiovascular Engineering

Cardiovascular engineering is an interdisciplinary field combining the use of complex medical equipment, the requirements of the medical experts from heart, thoracic and vascular surgery, cardiology, cardio-anaesthesiology and laboratory medicine as well as the individual needs of the patient.

The area of responsibilities of the cardiovascular technician in the Schüchtermann-Klinik comprises the following fields, which are constantly improved by technical and clinical enhancements:
•extracorporal circulation, self-reliant operation of the heart-lung machine in a team with heart surgeon and anaesthetist
•circulatory support methods
•monitoring of the vital parameters
•lab-scale measuring processes (e.g. blood gas and blood chemistry analysis)
•blood-processing techniques
•cooperation in the cardiac rhythm therapy (e.g. pacemaker)
•documentation and statistics
•cooperation in clinical research activities

Open-heart surgery became possible only when the heart-lung machine was devised in the 1950s. The system that takes over the functions of heart and lung thus enabling the surgeon to operate on the arrested heart and to open the cavities of the heart is also successfully applied for surgery of the large arteries. During these surgeries the cardiovascular technicians control the heart-lung machine.

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Surgery Assistance

The surgical assistants form a specially trained group of employees. They are recruited from highly qualified surgical nurses. The vocational training courses have been formally defined and certified within the quality management system.

The new occupation of an surgery assistant was introduced in the Schüchtermann-Klinik in 2001.

The objective of introducing the surgery assistant was:
•enhanced continuity and improved quality of surgical assistance services
•qualitative optimisation of vein harvesting during bypass surgeries
•introduction of the minimally invasive vein harvesting as the standard procedure

The job profile of the surgery assistant includes:
•conventional or endoscopic vein harvesting
•surgical assistance services of first and second hand
•participation in surgical on-call services
•quality assurance with patient-specific documentation
•training of new surgery assistants in theory and practice

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Surgical Nursing Service

The surgical nursing service is a group of male and female surgical nurses, the majority of whom have completed training as a mentor. Our surgical nursing service undergoes advanced training across various departments both internally and externally and is represented at national and international congresses.

During an operation, surgical nurses provide assistance and perform instrumental work. This also includes the provision of all medical and non-medical resources, as well as the logistics and inventory management of all implants.

The tasks also include management of the surgical programme and involvement in intra-operative studies. Furthermore, the surgical nursing service deals with the integration of new materials and other surgery-related developments.

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ZSVA Central Sterilisation Management Department

A team of 9 qualified employees working with the most advanced machinery according to strictly standardized operating procedures and an efficient quality management ensure top quality in the reprocessing of medical devices and thus safety for the patients. Internal computer-aided EDP systems in the ZSVA record, monitor and document every single operation and every automated sequence including batch numbers, program parameters, employee identifications, expiration dates and storage conditions for each individual medical device.

And the currently relevant MRSA issue receives the attention it deserves. Just as in regular everyday operation our employees protect the patients, the handling staff and themselves by applying standardized preventive measures in the procedures.

The team participates in selected workshops and advanced training sessions at regular intervals. In so doing they will always remain competent and up to date and keep up with the latest state of technology.

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