Our Physicians

In the cardiac surgery department, patient care takes place in the so-called medical team system. This means that patients are always cared for by the same doctors during their entire stay in the surgical area and independently of the care ward.

Each medical team is supported by a doctor’s assistant. Doctor’s assistants are specially trained and experienced nursing staff, who relieve our doctors of documentation and organisation tasks. The medical team system enables a maximum continuity of patient care.

Medical Director of Heart Surgery

Prof. Dr. med. Nicolas Doll

Head Department Physicians of Heart Surgery

Dr. med Steffen Hofmann

Dr. med. Wolfgang Rees

ltd. Hygienebeauftragter Arzt u. Krankenhaushygieniker

Dr. med. Michael Billion

Senior Physicians of Heart Surgery

Dr. med. Jürgen Ackemann

Dr. med. Maria Brunn

Dr. Dr. med. Susanne Doll

Hr. Abbas Ferdosi

Hr. Andre Glaser

Dr. med. Basel Al-Hariri

Dr. med. Frank Franke

Dr. med. Geza Horvath

Hr. Dariusz Jozwicki

Dr. med. Mohammad Ali Manoutcheri

Dr. (IN) Mahesh Muniputtana

Hr. Abazar Ostowar

Prof. Dr. med. Jochen Pöling

Hr. Mathias Remling

Hr. Stephan Rittel

Dr. med. Frank Ritter

Dr. med. Chourok Stabel-Mahassine

Dr. med. Virgilijus Ziaukas