Hygiene department

One continuously reads in the press about infections acquired in hospital, known as “nosocomial infections”. We want to to prevent this and to afford our patients and staff the greatest possible protection. Therefore, a qualified hygiene team ensures compliance with the above average hygiene standards at our clinic.

It consists of: one hospital hygienist ,four doctors responsible for hygiene, one hygiene specialist, another hygiene specialist currently in training, and a total of 16 hygiene officers, who are employees from the nursing and operational staff.

The team provides advice in matters of everyday hygiene, as well as in cases of special illnesses or outbreaks of illness. By means of regular ongoing training, the team guarantees that the current state of science is applied and implemented through mandatory hygiene standards.

Within the framework of cooperation in various networks and working groups, the department is engaged in constant regional and interregional exchange. Further information on this subject can be found in the following section on “Networking” on this homepage.

In addition to this work, our patients also benefit from close cooperation and continuous technical exchange with the State Office of Health for Lower Saxony (NLGA). The clinic was awarded a gold certificate for conscientious prevention through hand hygiene, within the framework of its participation in the “AKTION Saubere Hände” (Clean Hands Campaign). Furthermore, the clinic was certified by the National Reference Centre for the Surveillance of Nosocomial Infections for its participation in the modules of the Krankenhaus-Infektions-Surveillance-System (KISS). More information on our work is available HERE.