Physical capacity/ Haemodynamics

Prof. Dr. med. Nils Reiss

Dr. med. Maike Altesellmeier
Dr. Sportwiss. Meike Hannig
Stephanie Mommertz
Anita Nitters-Daske
Dr. Sportwiss. Thomas Schmidt
Horst Stuhr

For patients, the return to everyday life and the restoration of an acceptable quality of life are of decisive importance. Achieving adequate levels of physical performance and good functional capacity is therefore of great importance for them. Often, however, their physical performance is significantly limited by the underlying heart disease.

The aim of this research focus is to investigate whether and to what extent the parameters of physical performance can be improved by interventions on the heart (e.g. LVAD, CRT or MitraClip implantations) or by drug therapies. With established, but also innovative examination methods, the haemodynamic effects of various interventions are investigated and evaluated at our clinic. As a consequence, individual concepts and recommendations can be developed for the various patient populations concerning how their resilience can be increased over the long term through targeted training.

Research projects:
• Physical capacity and haemodynamics after heart transplantation
• Physical capacity and haemodynamic alterations after LVAD implantation
• Functional capacity after MitraClip intervention
• Health checks