Prof. Dr. med. Gerold Mönnig

Prof. Dr. med. Christian Pott
Dr. med. Johannes Amberger
Dr. med. Matthias Koopmann
Dr. med. Markus Bettin

Rhythmology comprises two main areas of treatment: interventional electrophysiology and therapy with pacemaker and defibrillator systems. In the Department of Rhythmology, the entire spectrum of cardiac dysrhythmias is diagnosed and treated. This includes the catheter ablation of all cardiac dysrhythmias, as well as the implantation of all forms of pacemakers and defibrillators, including cardiac resynchronization therapy. In addition, there is the possibility of carrying out interventional atrial ear closure in patients with atrial fibrillation and contraindications for oral anti-coagulation.Furthermore, we offer the diagnostic clarification of all dysrhythmias, including the clarification of rhythm disorders with a genetic origin.

The research activities relate on the one hand to the effectiveness of new pacemaker and CRT systems. Clinical research helps us to understand which patients benefit at all from different pacemaker and defibrillator systems. Studies on pacemakers without probes are also carried out. On the other hand, various catheters and new ablation strategies for the treatment of cardiac dysrhythmias are analysed with regard to their procedural safety and effectiveness.

Supervised multicentre studies:

• ENCOURAGE-AF (Phase III / since 2020, ongoing)
• NOAH-AFNET 6 (Phase III / since 2019, ongoing)
• CEASE-AF (Phase III / since 2016, ongoing)
• BIO-Continue (Phase III / since 2015, ongoing)
• MORE MPP (Phase III / since 2014, ongoing)

• BIO-Stream-Register (since 2019, ongoing)
• Internal-Ablation-Register (since 2003, ongoing)