Individual cardiological check-up examinations

Checking the proper functioning of your heart and circulatory system is the main focus of our cardiological health services. Whether you want to have your health or personal fitness tested because of a heart disease or “just out of curiosity” or whether you intend to (re-) start a regular sport and fitness scheme – we offer you a comprehensive examination and testing programme to assess your physical capacity and personal fitness level. Professional cardiological and sports medicine associations (DGSP – German Association for Sports Medicine and Prevention) as well as various sports associations recommend to have regular health examinations. Subject to your preconditions, wishes and objectives, and in consultation with you, we determine the individual key elements of the examinations and tests. Please do not hesitate to call us!


Every examination at our institute includes an initial and final discussion with a doctor.

  • resting ECG: 12-channel electrocardiogram at rest
  • stress ECG, ergospirometry (analyses of the respiratory and blood gases when under stress) and lactate determination as a basis for personal training recommendation
  • cardiac ultrasound examination (echocardiography): Determination of the size, structure and pumping function of the heart, evaluation of valvular function by means of a Doppler echocardiographic examination, detection of congenital heart diseases or morbidly acquired changes
  • ultrasound of the carotid arteries: Measurement of the arteriosclerosis risk (intima-media thickness), detection of calcifications or of a narrowing of the carotid arteries
  • peripheral Doppler pressure measurement: Detection of circulatory disturbances/arteriosclerosis of the leg arteries
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  • pulmonary function diagnosis (body plethysmography): Detection of abnormalities in the respiratory system, measurement of oxygen transport in the lungs (blood gas analysis), monitoring of therapy for respiratory diseases
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  • laboratory diagnosis: Erythrocyte sedimentation rate and blood count, inflammatory markers, liver metabolism, kidney function values, detailed cholesterol profile, glucose metabolism, iron metabolism, minerals, urine analysis. In addition, further blood chemistry parameters can be investigated on request.
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Sport and Training
  • final consultation with a medical and sports science expert including analysis of the findings and personal training advice.
    preparation of an individual training schedule for 3 x 4 weeks
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Further information on the preparation and execution of the health check can be found here:

Informationen zum Gesundheits-Check