Occupational health coaching for
your workforce

We have developed various programmes for you which are tailored to specific groups of employees. We will of course be willing to help with the selection and compilation of the contents. We recommend to adapt the weighting of the programme contents to your objectives and the target group.

For highly qualified personnel of the age group 35 plus it is advisable to subject them to a complete cardiological check-up with a focus on prevention, comprehensive medical consultation and performance diagnostics with training advice (Health Check III).

An adequate approach for the age group 35 or younger is a reduced medical component (as compared to the age group 35 plus) with the focus lying rather on sports combined with a practical and theoreti-cal part such as an introduction into pulse rate controlled endurance exercises. The sports we recommend for that group are jogging or biking. Besides the medical aspect, these sports fea-ture a group experience which might have a positive influence on the employees’ cooperative mindset.

A high level of sickness-related absenteeism is frequently caused by the employees’ inadequate level of information or indifference concerning health topics; such employees will consequently have health deficits, often combined with a limited body awareness. Starting points for im-provement are presentations with a vivid illustration of the risk factors and their implications as well as tutoring regarding adequate physical exercises. Before starting with the exercises it is advisable to have a basic medical diagnostic which – in case of findings that suggest a disease – should be deepened accordingly.

The approaches above are only some examples of our services. On principle, many services of-fered by us can be freely combined according to your wishes. We will, of course, help you in se-lecting and combining those services. We are also prepared to present our programmes and/or give a lecture in one of your corporate seminars. If you participate in a multi-day event in our house, we will certainly arrange your hotel accommodation, e.g. IN OUR GUEST HOUSE „HEINRICH SCHÜCHTERMANN“.