A serious heart disease or surgery may result in restrictions on the capability of the person concerned to perform certain actions. Ergotherapy, or occupational therapy as it is also known, helps you to regain the greatest possible degree of independence in everyday life and reintegration in your profession.

The aims of the treatment are determined with you individually on the basis of your personal resources and taking into account the restrictions on your health. Particular attention is also paid to concomitant neurological and orthopaedic diseases.

In individual and group therapy sessions, training of the abilities which have been lost is performed in situations which are close to everyday life. Individual opportunities for health-promoting behaviour in the domestic environment and in your workplace are worked through together with you.

Range of Therapies
  • workplace Training
  • back therapy training in theory and practice
  • fine motor skills Training
  • equilibrium Training
  • gait Training
  • brain performance Training
  • advice on assistive equipment
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