Motion therapy

If after a severe physical impairment the functional capacity is to be restored, motion is an important step forward – and you may take that literally. Our individually graded motion therapy (also called kinesitherapy) improves and stabilises your physical performance capacity thus enhancing your endurance, coordination capacity, strength, body perception and flexibility.
Your training schedule will be devised according to your overall condition and any future requirements and simultaneously tailored to your personal needs. Any shortcomings can be compensated or reduced in groups of patients with an equal performance level. Having fun should here, too, be an important feature, because positive group experience makes it easier to handle a disease and promotes the long-term motivation for increased activity in everyday life and in leisure time.

Therapy Measures
  • ergometer training in intervals according to your individual fitness under constant monitoring
  • treadmill training
  • muscle-formation exercises at medical training therapy equipment
  • group gymnastics
  • water gymnastics and swimming
  • guided walking tours (terrain training)
  • Nordic walking
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