Nutrition Consultation

An essential component of the therapy is the nutrition consultation. Our dieticians at the Schüchtermann-Klinik offer you an extensive range of advice and training services. Here you will learn how good healthy food tastes and improves your sense of well-being. We will demonstrate to you that pleasure and enjoyment can be prominent features of a “heart-healthy diet”.

If a particular diet is necessary, you will benefit from the individual nutrition consultation, in which we can consider your personal situation and your desires. A special demonstration effect is achieved by the training buffet from which you pick and compose your breakfast and supper. Here, a dietician will be present to advise you on your choice. At lunch you have the choice of four delicious set meals.

A nourishing and balanced selection of foods helps you to exert a sustained positive influence on your health. Fundamental information on this is provided at our training sessions and lectures. If you take part in the teaching kitchen, you will receive practical tips and recipes that you can use during your everyday life, as well as cook with the nutritionists together in small groups. Here, healthy fats and many fresh foods are used. The dishes that you have created yourself can then be enjoyed in a relaxed atmosphere.