With an appropriate professional support it is possible for you to reach your personal and individual goals and to integrate them in your everyday life. In the long term the success of the rehabilitation depends also on the minimisation of the risk factors. Experienced psychologists will render the assistance you need to achieve a sustainable success.

Many heart diseases are accompanied by psychological strains that require a professional psychological attendance. Every person is to be considered in his or her entirety and will therefore need individual attendance. This again requires a great variety of psychological treatment options. Multifaceted problems such as, e.g., personal strains, conflicts, extremely demanding requirements at the workplace or in the personal environment resulting in stress and mental overload are important criteria in the course of treatment and should be treated with a professional in-depth Approach.

  • psychological one-on-one interviews
  • discussion group focussing on how to cope with stress
  • discussion group for patients after heart surgery
  • discussion group focussing on eating habits
  • non-smoking training
  • art therapy
  • autogenic training
  • brain performance training
  • psychological performance diagnostics
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