Social work

For every patient the disease may have various consequences such as, for instance, problems in the occupational, financial or family area. In single consultations our social workers provide assistance and support for you to deal with such problems. Here, we focus on your personal needs and capabilities.

We discuss with you possible questions regarding your occupational and economic situation and go into detail when considering your individual perspectives. So, for example, we will discuss the potential utilisation of measures aimed at a occupational rehabilitation. If possible, opportunities to facilitate the re-entry into your occupational activity will possibly be initiated while you are still participating in the rehabilitation scheme. And we will advise you on such issues as severe disability, wage-replacement benefits such as, e.g., continuation of payments during sickness leave, sickness benefits and claims according to the social security law such as old-age pension and pension for reduced earning capacity.

We will gladly help you with words and deeds whenever you need advice and support regarding ambulatory care and facilities as well as the organisation and financing of a home help, or if you need medical equipment and preventive postoperative care.