Therapy contents

Together with you, the patient, a whole team will design and support your personal therapy. Our concerted action will enable you to re-integrate into your everyday life and your professional environment in the most speedy and comprehensive manner possible. In order to take your personal objective into account the competent senior physician will explicitly consult with you as an active partner when examining you on admission.

Key components of the inpatient rehabilitation are group training courses which are to facilitate or simplify dealing with your disease. You will learn how to reduce your risk factors and reinforce your protection factors, and you can thus proactively lay the first building block for your recovery. All our departments with their sophisticated expert knowledge and scientifically founded diagnosis and therapy standards play a part in this process so that a fast and perceptible improvement of your physical and mental well-being comes about. Adequate information, communication and cooperation facilitate a meaningful and holistic treatment which appreciates you and cares for you as a patient in your entirety.

Further information on the individual therapy contents can be found on the following pages. If you would like to see an example of an individual treatment schedule featuring different therapeutic measures please clickHERE