Therapy goals

Your rehabilitation scheme serves above all to ensure the general therapeutic success subsequent to the acute treatment and to form the basis for an optimum start into a healthy future. The medical care for our patients in the rehabilitation phase is most individually focused and includes the early mobilisation as well. A key component for reaching realistic rehabilitation goals is the close linking of a great variety of treatment methods. The particular consideration of international medical criteria and a therapy in line with scientific guidelines is to help you work on your health in a proactive manner. You as a patient are in the spotlight.

As far as possible we wish to actively integrate our patients with their personal needs and abilities into their own recovery process. To reach this aim we individually discuss and agree with you on your particular rehabilitation goals. When choosing the therapeutic priorities we take account of your personal environment, especially your professional and family situation.

  • improvement of the physical performance capacity, in particular regarding endurance and strength
  • positive influence on risk factors such as blood lipids, blood pressure, diabetes, overweight and smoking habits
    optimisation of medication
  • support in dealing with the disease and coping with stress
  • improvement of the relaxation capability – also in respect of time management and reduction of psychic overstrain
  • support in treating any accompanying diseases (back troubles, gait disturbances, articular problems, respiratory tract diseases)
  • recommendations for future professional activities, avoidance of a threatening reduction in earning capacity and consultation in selecting adequate supporting measures after rehabilitation (to maintain self-sufficiency )
  • motivation regarding recreational activities in respect of future sport activities, recognition of your inherent creative potential and arranging for recovery phases
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