Our commitments –
the Schüchtermann Fund

Our employees do their best every day to help the sick people who are entrusted to us. Why then is there another Association for Humanitarian Relief Operations – a Schüchtermann Fund?
In this case we understand humanitarian aid to be:

  • providing support to people all over the world who are in acute distress as a result of natural disasters, epidemics and armed conflicts or civil unrest
  • not only providing immediate aid in the form of saving lives, but also extensive care and support for those in need and distress
  • supporting families and children directly “on our doorstep” who find themselves in a socially deprived situation through no fault of their own.

With the help of the Schüchtermann Endowment Fund we want to render early and direct support for people in such crises and to help on both a regional and international level. We would also like to follow the role model of our founder Heinrich Schüchtermann and his wife Antoinette Schiller, who dedicated all of their lives to social Causes.


For this purpose we have in the past collected, among other things, “shoeboxes full of happiness” for children traumatised in the war in Georgia, set up a holiday camp for children from Bad Rothenfelde from socially disadvantaged families and sent medical equipment, beds and other furniture to Eritrea or Kaliningrad. These actions were made possible by the personal commitment of the men and women at Schüchtermann. Besides these volunteer activities, the non-profit organisation is also reliant on donations, which are passed on in full to the people affected.

How you can help us

For your support, whether in the form of a donation or association membership, we and the people affected will be very grateful! The Association’s work is exclusively financed by annual membership fees (€10), donations, grants and other contributions.

The Association is registered with Osnabrück District Court under the number VR 200443 and recognised as a non-profit organisation. All donations are tax deductible.

We will be pleased to provide you with information personally about the work of our association if you are interested.