What distinguishes us –
our mission statement

As one of the most advanced cardiac centres in Germany, we offer our patients all-round care – prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation in the hands of experienced and competent specialists. We are proud of working for a company which imposes the highest quality standards on itself. In our actions we feel connected to the founders of the Family Foundation, councillor of commerce Heinrich Schüchtermann and his wife Antoinette Schiller: humanity, a sense of responsibility and openness to innovations are therefore values by which we allow ourselves to be guided in particular. Whether patients, employees or
cooperation partners: we treat everyone with respect and dignity – we have taken them “to our hearts”.


With our sincerity and professional behaviour we would like to create a basis of trust. Our work together is shaped by mutual appreciation, respect and reliability. Permanent contact persons and forward-looking information encourage others to speak with us on a basis of trust about the necessary treatment, expectations and wishes. The recovery and maintenance of the greatest possible degree of independence and the ability to carry out everyday activities is the most important task of our medical and nursing care.

We assume responsibility for our actions and take advantage of our creativity and motivation not only in order to further develop our own abilities, but also the organisation.


Questions often arise in our daily routine. We always have an open ear for these. As a result of this personal attention and medicine with the human touch, we communicate a sense of security and understanding of the individual situation.

We explain our behaviour and involve others in our actions in order to enable the acceptability of our services and self-determined constructive input on the part of the patient. We focus on the needs of the people with whom we associate. That is why we are pleased when these people tell us of their experiences: criticism, suggestions and recognition are for us the basis of continuous improvement and innovations as a learning organisation.


In order to enable optimum working results, we bring people together and connect them to one another. We create a friendly and open atmosphere in which the patients and colleagues in our departments can feel at ease.

We see ourselves as an organisation in which people foster and challenge each other. In this way we learn from the experiences of our long-standing employees and benefit from the impartiality of new colleagues. Through our team-oriented collaboration, our aim is to grow together.

We offer institutions and companies who work together with us a fair partnership. The close cooperation with referring clinics and doctors in private practice ensures the excellent medical treatment of our patients.