How to prevent illness

Everybody can contribute towards remaining healthy for as long as possible by their own behaviour. This includes a conscious and balanced lifestyle. Tips on how you can specifically prevent cardiovascular disease can be found here.


Change your diet

Anyone who has a healthy and balanced diet is doing something for their heart. Plenty of fruit and vegetables, small amounts of fat, plenty of water and sufficient minerals, trace elements, vitamins and fibre help the body to remain fit.

Reduce excess weight and become active

Use the stairs instead of the lift or go to work by bike. Excess weight and too little physical exercise can significantly increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Stop Smoking

People who give up smoking not only reduce their risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease, but also generally improve their state of health. It is therefore worth making the effort, isn’t it?

Adjust your blood pressure

Raised blood lipid levels increase the risk of coronary heart disease and heart attacks. Blood lipid levels can for example be lowered by a change of lifestyle, including above all weight reduction, a highly nutritious diet and regular physical activity.

Patients with high blood pressure should ensure that they have a low-salt diet and pay attention to their weight. This lowers the risk of suffering a heart attack.


If you would like a complete check-up, we recommend a visit to our clinic’s own INSTITUTE FOR PREVENTION AND SPORTS MEDICINE (IPS). The IPS is the right point of contact for people who are interested in having a check-up, who maybe have already had heart disease in their past or have a genetic predisposition to heart disease. This is also the right place to come for sportsmen and women who would like to improve their performance or optimise their training efforts.