When arriving at our premises you may drive up to the space directly in front of the hospital building to unload your suitcase from the car. The main entrance hall of our hospital has a lift and is easily accessible to wheelchair users. Please register at our reception: the reception staff will accompany you with your luggage to the admission ward.

There is a short-term car park directly in front of the hospital. If you or the person accompanying you wishes to park the car for a longer period of time, please use the nearby central car park of Bad Rothenfelde. This is free of charge until 2 p.m. Additional parking is available in the adjacent multi-storey car park.

How to find us in Bad Rothenfelde is explained HERE.

In the following we have compiled further information for your admission to our clinic:


The video shows some aerial photos of our clinic. In the future we would like to inform you with further videos.



Several days before your scheduled admission you will receive a letter from the admitting department. This letter will advise you of the date of your admission and the office at our clinic which you can contact for admission. Depending on the admitting department, the letter may contain various information brochures and/or questionnaires. We ask that you complete the questionnaire and, if possible, return it to us before your admission.


If you are admitted to the acute care section of the cardiology and surgery departments, we need the chip card of your health insurance company. If admission to the cardiology department is planned, please also bring your referral for clinical treatment and, if available, your latest cardiological findings.
For the cardiac surgery department we kindly but urgently request that you bring the following medical documentation in addition to the above-mentioned documents, if available, in order to avoid any double examination:

  • chest X-ray in two planes (not older than 4 weeks)
  • ECG (not older than 1 week)
  • pulmonary function (not older than 6 weeks)

For hospital admission please bring your bathrobe, underwear, pyjamas and suitable casual clothing. For rehabilitation purposes you will also need indoor and outdoor sportswear as well as swimwear for therapeutic bathing and use of the swimming pool. Towels will be provided by the clinic. Sturdy shoes and assistive devices (e.g. walking frame, crutches) should also be brought along to the hospital.


Please bring your standard medication for the day of admission and two to three further days. We will order any unusual or unavailable medications immediately after your admission so that they will be available the next day.


After the administrative admission, you will be received by the medical and nursing staff. Depending on the department admitting you, this reception includes:

  • briefings, consultation and pre-surgical interviews
  • documentation of the history of your present illness and physical examination
  • blood withdrawal
  • premedication
  • possibly additional examinations such as e.g. ECG, X-ray, etc.

For the rehabilitation department, the administrative admission is performed on the day after your admission in the admission office on the ground floor.

The administrative admission for the cardiology department is performed immediately on the day of admission in the cardiology admission office. This is also located on the ground floor. Patients for cardiac surgery are admitted on the appropriate wards. You will be asked to give your personal particulars and to sign some important documents such as, for example, the contract governing your medical treatment.


Apart from the safes in the patients’ cabinets you may use the cost-free, secure safe at our reception desk for depositing any valuable articles. Nevertheless, we request that you do not bring sizeable sums of money to our hospital. Your own contribution to the hospital costs and other costs incurred here can be settled at the end of your stay by means of your debit card. And please leave any expensive valuables such as watches, jewellery, etc. at home.


All information about the accommodation of family members can be found on the “GUEST HOUSE” PAGE.


Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.