The Schüchtermann-Klinik specialises in cardiovascular diseases. By focusing on this area, we can direct all our energies towards our goal of being a leader in both quality of treatment and knowledge and competence. In our closely networked specialist departments, we care for patients in the various phases of their illness.

Further training to become a specialist in cardiac surgery, cardiologyand anaesthesia can be completed at our facility.

Heart surgery

Would you like to apply to become a training assistant at our facility?

Wir sind ständig auf der Suche nach jungen, motivierten und engagierten Kolleginnen- und Kollegen zur Verstärkung unseres Teams. We are always looking for young, motivated and committed colleagues to strengthen our team. Our spectrum includes all adult cardiac surgery, catheter procedures and chronic and acute heart failure therapy. Structured training is very important to us. You will find all the information on this in our FURTHER TRAINING CURRICULUM.

In addition to regular further and advanced training, we offer you the opportunity to complete a doctorate or post-doctoral qualification.

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Dr Michael Billion (Senior Consultant, Cardiac Surgery); Dr Mahmoud Wehbe

Phone: 05424/ 641-650


As a recognised training centre, we offer you the complete cardiology training part (36 months) in the cardiology department at the Schüchtermann-Klinik for colleagues who have already completed the “common trunk” in general internal medicine (36 months) or who have already obtained the qualification as a specialist in general internal medicine.

There is also a rotation programme with the Department of General Internal Medicine at the Klinikum Osnabrück Hospital, through which the training period in general internal medicine can be completed if required.

The cardiology department offers the entire spectrum of interventional, diagnostic and conservative adult cardiology. There is a structured further training curriculum based on three-month rotations. The aim of the further training curriculum is to make the training of medical specialists binding and transparent. The entire spectrum of care in cardiology allows for comprehensive and professionally qualified further training, so that doctors undergoing further training can develop a broad array of high-quality specialist subjects. We provide personal feedback and assistance in regular staff appraisals. At the same time, we would like to know from you how satisfied you are with the general work situation as well as with your job and the working atmosphere.

In addition to specialist further training, our department offers the opportunity to acquire the following certified additional qualifications:

  • Interventional cardiology (DGK)
  • Specialist rhythm disorders Part A and B
  • Cardiac MRI (DGK)
  • Heart failure
  • Sports medicine


The following regular medical association-certified further training courses also take place in our department:

  • Daily multi-disciplinary team meetings (rhythm studies MDT, cardiology-cardiac surgery conference, interdisciplinary catheter – heart valve MDT)
  • Weekly heart failure MDT
  • Weekly internal medical training on specific cardiological topics


In addition, ten days of extra training leave are offered during the three years of further training. The costs for certain cardiology-specific extra training courses are covered by the hospital.

We also work closely with our colleagues from cardiac surgery in an interdisciplinary heart team. Further information can be found in our FURTHER TRAINING REGULATIONS.


If we have piqued your interest, we look forward to receiving your online application via our CAREERS PORTAL or via