Occupational health coaching

We have developed various programmes for you that are tailored to the various employee groups. We will of course assist you in the selection and compilation of this content. Depending on the objective and target group, we recommend a different weighting of the programme content.

In order to retain highly qualified personnel in the age group of 35 years and older, a full cardiology check-up examination with an emphasis on prevention, detailed medical advice as well as performance diagnostics with training advice is a sensible approach.

For the age group up to 35 years, a reduced medical component compared to the group just mentioned is more useful. Emphasising athletic aspects with a practical and theoretical part, for example in the form of an introduction to heart rate-led endurance training, is more appropriate. Running and cycling are particularly suitable sports. Besides the medical aspect, the group experience comes into play here, and this can have a positive effect on the willingness of employees to participate.

A high sickness rate often results from poor information or disinterest on the part of employees around health issues with subsequent health problems, often associated with limited body awareness. Talks with a vivid presentation of the risk factors as well as guidance on sensible individual training provide a good starting point. Prior to this, a basic clinical diagnosis should be carried out, which may be explored further if there are indications of a disease.

These are just a few examples of the services available. In principle, many of the services can be freely combined in line with your wishes. We are also happy to contribute to your company seminars with our programmes and presentations. For multi-day events at our premises, we will gladly organise your hotel stay, for example at the “HEINRICH SCHÜCHTERMANN” GUEST HOUSE.

"I was in the rehab department. The rehab program was excellent and varied, worked out according to individual performance possibilities."

- Martin H., cardiology patient

"Especially the politeness and helpfulness as well as the therapeutic follow-up are to be emphasized. A special relationship of trust was established immediately."

- Matthias P., Cardiac surgery patient

"I have had four weeks of outpatient rehab and feel very fit - I have never been so healthy. A definite clinic recommendation."

- Johannes M., Cardiac surgery patient

"I can't think of anything here in the hospital and rehab that could be improved!"

- Hans-Werner L., cardiology patient

"The operation was completely successful and I also regained my strength during the rehabilitation. I have taken away the very best impression from the Schüchtermann Klinik."

- Frederik R., Cardiac surgery patient