Heart diseases can have different causes and present in different ways. As a result, the procedures used to treat it are also diverse. There is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” treatment. Whether exclusively medicine-based, involving invasive cardiological procedures or cardiac surgery: we treat each patient as an individual case with his or her personal requirements as part of a team-based approach. Through theinterdepartmental exchange of our specialists, we seek to find and follow the safest and most promising course of treatment for you individually.

As a hospital specialising in cardiovascular diseases and with our integrated clinic concept, we offer our patients the best conditions for this. The guiding principle of our actions is the patient-focused cooperation between the individual medical specialities that we practice every day. Evidence of this is also provided by the fact that interdisciplinary teamsare available for very specific issues. This close cooperation not only helps you to find the path to the right treatment, but at the same time ensures seamless and continuous care from prevention to rehabilitation.

We would like to briefly introduce you to our individual teams below:

Interdisciplinary Cardiological-Cardiosurgical Team

The interdisciplinary cardiology-cardiac surgery team discusses borderline situations in all other cardiac diseases. Working together on a daily basis, the team decides together whether the patient is to be treated cardiologically or surgically. The treatment itself then takes place via the relevant department. Involving both specialist groups ensures that different treatment options are considered and discussed so that the patient receives the best possible care.



This team of cardiologists and cardiac surgeons deals in particular with patients suffering from atrial fibrillation. Together, they review their patients’ results of an examination and plan the best possible treatment. This can be both catheter procedure and cardiac surgery, or the use of both procedures. If necessary, the operation can also be performed in the hybrid operating theatre with the involvement of cardiologists and cardiac surgeons.

Your contacts are Professor Mönnig and Professor Doll.



The interdisciplinary heart valve team works together on a daily basis to look after patients who have a condition affecting their heart valves. The team of cardiologists, cardiac surgeons and other specialist disciplines at the clinic hospital (for example, anaesthesia) work together to decide which course of treatment is best for the patient: medication, conventional surgery or an interdisciplinary approach. Interdisciplinary treatment is carried out by the team itself in the hybrid operating theatre.

Hybrid procedures, i.e. combined procedures involving cardiac surgery and cardiological procedures, have been taking place at the Schüchtermann-Klinik for many years. The establishment of a hybrid operating theatre in 2010 created the ideal conditions for this. Operations on the aortic and mitral valves especially, which do not require the use of a heart-lung machine, can be performed very effectively and safely thanks to the excellent staffing and facilities.

Your contacts are Dr Hofmann and Dr Kowalski.



There is also a close professional exchange between acute and rehabilitation medicine. For example, our interdisciplinary team of cardiac surgeons and rehabilitation physicians meets several times a week to provide the best possible care for patients with cardiac support systems in every phase after surgery. Ward rounds are often conducted together for these patients. Since the introduction of “artificial heart” therapy in Bad Rothenfelde, the team has developed special diagnostic and therapeutic recommendations for these patients which have since been constantly adapted to the latest state of science and clinical practice.

As you will see, we care a lot about your ongoing, high-quality care. To achieve this, we are willing to look beyond professional boundaries and work together with you to develop solutions that best serve your health.

"I was very scared of what to expect and I was taken care of in an understanding, very human and always extremely friendly way."

- Henrika T., cardiology patient

"An outstanding cardiology clinic!"

- Daniela M., cardiology patient

"I don't see any reason to hesitate to trust this clinic."

- Horst S., cardiology patient

"The medical consultation and treatment were excellent, the procedure was without complications, and the process in my case was explained to me in detail afterwards."

- Bernd Z., cardiology patient

„The doctors took the right amount of time to make you feel you’re in good hands. The procedures were carried out very professionally and Prof. Mönnig and his team gave very detailed advise on this.“

- Harald L., cardiology patient