It’s good when someone is there who doesn’t want or expect anything from you, but has time to listen. Sometimes this changes the way we look at our own situation. Something that has been shared feels lighter… because someone is sharing the burden with you.

As Protestant and Catholic chaplains, we reach out to patients regardless of their affiliation to a religious community. You can reach us via reception or via the ward.

Anne Biesterfeldt


Andrea Heßling


Margret Obermeyer


Michael Randelhoff


We are happy to establish contact with representatives of other faiths if required. We are also happy to inform you about the church services in Bad Rothenfelde.

Our devotional room, designed by Eberhard Münch, is a place of peace and reflection and is open around the clock for you.

"They will only find people in this place who will speak to them in a friendly manner, greet them in the hallway, speak to them in a friendly manner during a treatment, speak to them calmly during a procedure. Who give you the feeling of being among friendly and always competent people."

- Hanna L., Cardiac surgery patient

"Very good appointment coordination of the announced examinations and treatments. Very professional treatment and care during the stay."

- Gerhard R., cardiology patient

"Administration as well as the staff on the ward and the attending physicians very friendly. The clarification very comprehensive and not under time pressure."

- Ludger P., cardiology patient

"The staff always responds to all concerns and needs in an extremely friendly and, in my eyes, very competent manner."

- Kerstin S., cardiology patient

"The examinations were carried out quickly and very professionally, professionally and personally I was in good hands at all times. I can absolutely recommend this clinic from my experience."

- Sigrid F., cardiology patient