The Schüchtermann-Klinik Bad Rothenfelde is part of a large healthcare family: the Schüchtermann-Schiller’schen Kliniken GmbH & Co. KG. The family also includes the Dörenberg-Klinikin Bad Iburg,medicos.Osnabrück and several medical care centres. All of these companies are part of the assets of the Schüchtermann-Schiller’schen Family Foundation and are committed to your health and well-being – from prevention to rehabilitation.


As a hospital specialising in conservative orthopaedics, rehabilitation and inpatient treatment by the employers’ liability insurance association (BGSW), the Dörenberg-Klinik in Bad Iburg offers all the necessary inpatient and outpatient forms of treatment. Here, patients are rehabilitated after orthopaedic operations, but also conservative pre-treatments. It also has a geriatric and day-care department as well as a therapeutic department and offers short-term care.


medicos.Osnabrück GmbH combines outpatient rehabilitation, state-of-the-art sports diagnostics, prevention, medical fitness and individual health services under one roof. The embedding of the entire fields of activity in a regional network of high-performance partners in the health care sector allows patients from the specialist fields of orthopaedics, cardiology and neurology to be treated. medicos.Osnabrück GmbH also offers all services from the catalogue of therapeutic products.

medicos.Osnabrück is also home to the Professor Grewe school of physiotherapy.


According to the definition, a medical care centre is a multidisciplinary, physician-managed facility where physicians registered on the medical register can practice. For patients, a medical care centre is comparable to a group practice. As is the case with other doctors, patients can get appointments and have examinations during designated office hours.

Medical care centres are often located in or at hospitals. This creates a close link between outpatient and inpatient care. This benefits patients because decisions can be made and treatments initiated more quickly.

The Schüchtermann-Schiller hospitals include medical care centres in Bad Rothenfelde (with a branch in Melle), Bad Iburg, Osnabrück and Steinhagen. Information on the range of services offered by the individual medical care centres can be found on the respective websites (see links).

"They will only find people in this place who will speak to them in a friendly manner, greet them in the hallway, speak to them in a friendly manner during a treatment, speak to them calmly during a procedure. Who give you the feeling of being among friendly and always competent people."

- Hanna L., Cardiac surgery patient

"Very good appointment coordination of the announced examinations and treatments. Very professional treatment and care during the stay."

- Gerhard R., cardiology patient

"Administration as well as the staff on the ward and the attending physicians very friendly. The clarification very comprehensive and not under time pressure."

- Ludger P., cardiology patient

"The staff always responds to all concerns and needs in an extremely friendly and, in my eyes, very competent manner."

- Kerstin S., cardiology patient

"The examinations were carried out quickly and very professionally, professionally and personally I was in good hands at all times. I can absolutely recommend this clinic from my experience."

- Sigrid F., cardiology patient