The rehabilitation department at the Schüchtermann-Klinik has a total of 179 beds. Every year, more than 2,500 patients are cared for in an inpatient follow-up treatment setting. In addition to cardiology, angiology and cardiac surgery patients, the department specialises in rehabilitation after heart transplantation andartificial heart implantation.

Follow-up treatmentinvolves medical rehabilitation that follows directly or is closely connected with acute treatment in hospital. The Schüchtermann-Klinik offers follow-up treatment for cardiovascular diseases with different indications.


  • after acute myocardial infarction
  • after balloon dilatation or stent implantation
  • after coronary bypass surgery
  • after heart valve surgery
  • after surgical correction of congenital defects (cardiac septum)
  • after heart transplantation
  • after implantation of a left ventricular assist device
  • after other heart operations (e.g. aneurysmectomy, ICD implantation)
  • in coronary heart disease without acute myocardial infarction
  • in cardiomyopathy and other types of heart failure
  • after inflammatory heart diseases
  • after inflammatory heart diseases
  • in arterial and venous circulatory disorders
  • after operations on the arterial and venous vascular system

Thanks to our clinic’s integrated approach and the interdepartmental cooperation with the acute departments, our rehabilitation patients benefit from short treatment pathways, seamless transitions between the individual levels of care and perfectly coordinated diagnostic and therapeutic measures.

Follow-up treatment or general curative treatment usually lasts for a period of three weeks. After completion of the inpatient rehabilitation therapy, there are various options for outpatient aftercare, such as the Intensified Rehabilitation Aftercare (IRENA) programme from the German Pension Insurance organisation or participation in our OUTPATIENT HEART GROUP.




"I was in the rehab department. The rehab program was excellent and varied, worked out according to individual performance possibilities."

- Martin H., cardiology patient

"Especially the politeness and helpfulness as well as the therapeutic follow-up are to be emphasized. A special relationship of trust was established immediately."

- Matthias P., Cardiac surgery patient

"I have had four weeks of outpatient rehab and feel very fit - I have never been so healthy. A definite clinic recommendation."

- Johannes M., Cardiac surgery patient

"I can't think of anything here in the hospital and rehab that could be improved!"

- Hans-Werner L., cardiology patient

"The operation was completely successful and I also regained my strength during the rehabilitation. I have taken away the very best impression from the Schüchtermann Klinik."

- Frederik R., Cardiac surgery patient